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Lin Whit Designs

Established in 2016, LinWhit Designs

creates a sensational yet functional living space, pairing the clients design style, comfort and fashion in the best way. Ultimately, we assure a finished project that looks and feels as remarkable as our clients envisioned.

Whitney T. Smith

Although a healthcare career specialty in Mammography was Whitney’s intended path, chance led her down another avenue and after graduating college and obtaining certification as a licensed radiographer. Whitney was born with a designer’s eye for taking the most abstract of ideas and bringing them to life. She can take an idea that’s in her head or yours and bring it life utilizing a small budget or large budget. 

Her love for residential design as a young impressionable designer was influenced by often accompanying her mother as she coordinated and designed decor for numerous weddings, events and seasonal updates to her own home as a favorite pastime and not to mention weekly family excursions to the furniture store.  

While working part-time at a local real-estate agency, her passion and desire to create and design gorgeous living spaces for her clients ignited her to pursue this with a fervor that continues to drive her.  As fate would have it, she began working as an appraisal apprentice where that fire was stoked all the more with the transformation of newly renovated properties creating an intriguing interest that unequivocally evolved into a passion for Whitney. This passion prompted her to seek a renovator mentor-ship to learn the process of successful home renovations which resulted in her becoming  a founding partner and real estate investor in her own residential development company. 

She combined her love for fashion with her passion for residential design mindful that “everyone has a particular style that speaks to them”.  With an innate ability and a love for fashion, she has honed her craft that rivals any fashion house or DIY project on HGTV. 

Whitney knew she was on to something when her designed houses were recognizable by prospective buyers and her houses began to receive offers within twenty-four hours of hitting the market. She received buyer testimonials such as “that blue remodeled kitchen is amazing, we love it!” and “the moment I walked in the house, I knew this was the one!”

Gifted with a natural eye for visual  aesthetics and an eclectic taste, Whitney offers a bespoke experience for each client leading to a personal and rewarding experience for all. While her love for textiles and color can’t be ignored; it’s her passion for design that cannot simply be measured in words. Only a consult with her will give you that kind of unique experience.

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