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$399 - $599

What is E-design?


E-Design uses technology to allow a designer to provide inspiration, expert sourcing and design expertise in a detailed room plan with product links at a fraction of the cost for full-service design. Instead of site visits, in person collaborations, and travel; all communication is via phone, zoom/facetime and computer. E-Design is a perfect fit if you are a DIYer and happy to do some of the leg work such as measure, submit photos, and oversee the installation. 


At Linwhit Designs we understand that full service isn’t for everyone, our e-design packages were created to allow clients the benefits of working one on one together to create a space that is unique, layered, and blooming with visual pizazz but at a more affordable price. Here how e-design works:

  1. Get Started: Contact > Schedule Appointment

  2. Book FaceTime Design Discovery Call

  3. Make a payment

  4. Complete questionnaire form

  5. E-design kick off video call

  6. Ta Da! Your e-design reveal.  

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