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Initial Consultation


An in person or virtual high value power session, filled with tons of information for up to two hours. Together, we will discuss design goals & ideas for each space. You will give a tour of your home, you may focus on one space or several for this consultation.

Interior Finish Selections

$1.25 - $1.60/sqft

Interior finishes include flooring, plumbing, tile, light fixtures, woodwork and cabinetry...

Exterior Finish Selections

$650 - $800

Exterior Finishes include paint colors, front and back porch tile, ceiling treatments/stain...

Countertop Sourcing


Need help finding a reputable countertop installer? Using me as your designer you will...

Misc Sourcing


Are you in need of a painter, carpenter, roofer, or tile installer? By selecting this service...

E-Design Selection

$399 - $599

E-Design uses technology to allow a designer to provide inspiration, expert sourcing and design exper...

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